The wide-body sixth-generation Ford Mustang concept car made by Shelby American is going to auction. 

It is going to be sold at Mecum's auction in Kissimmee, Florida, from January 4 to 15.

When it was shown off in 2017, the Shelby Super Snake Widebody concept gave the sixth-generation Mustang

which came out for the 2015 model year and is now nearing the end of its life, the widened look of previous wide-body Shelbys. 

For the 2024 model year, a new Mustang of the seventh generation will take its place.

The concept started out as a regular 2015 Mustang, but it got hand-built front fenders with vents, new rear quarter panels and rocker panels,

Shelby was able to add 4.0 inches to the rear track and 2.5 inches to the front track with the wide-body kit. It also served as a model for a version of the kit that Shelby sold to customers.

Style wasn't the only thing that was changed. Shelby added a Whipple supercharger to the Ford 5.0-liter V-8, giving the concept 750 hp. 

This power goes to 20-inch wheels with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres through a 6-speed manual transmission.

After it was shown off, the Super Snake Widebody concept car was sold to a private owner. The contract for the sale is still in the car, so it has been kept until now. 

The car has only 1,350 miles on the odometer, which makes sense since it was made to be a show car. Classic Shelby Mustangs are often sold at auction

but it's not clear how well this newer model will do. It might get more attention than other new Shelby Mustangs because of its unique history and wide-body look.

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