Acura Integra Type R Review , specifiactions, and price

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At a blazing 8400 rpm, the Acura Integra Type R's pistons are moving at about 80 feet per second, which is much faster than the commonly accepted threshold of 67 feet per second. 

That's about the same speed as the pistons in Formula 1 and Indy-car engines, which have much shorter strokes than the Integra's engine.

 Still, at full throttle, you don't think much about how fast the pistons are moving. It's the noise you remember. 

You can't help but pay attention to that loud, angry roar coming from the engine.

Most drivers don't know this sound, but sport motorcyclists who are used to revving their bikes up to 11,000 to 14,000 rpm do. And the feeling of power that comes with it.

 When the Type R's tach reaches 5700 rpm (or even less, depending on where the throttle is), the VTEC system changes from Dr. Jekyll to Mr.

Hyde with a loud blare, and the engine starts working quickly to reach its 195-horsepower peak at 8000 rpm. 

Yes, that's almost 200 hp from a 1797 cc engine, but before you pull out your calculator, we can tell you that's 108.5 hp per litre. 

The five-valve V-8 in the beautiful Ferrari F355 only makes 107.3 horsepower per litre.

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