Acura RSX Review , specifiactions, and price

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Acura RSX Specs It's hard to improve a car that already works well. A car that has been called "a scalpel for carving up the road" and "a jewel.

A car that won the wedges-and-bubbles battle hands down and was also a 10Best pick in 2002 and 2003.

The Acura RSX team had something that didn't seem to be broken. But after three years, the RSX was no longer brand new.

And since new is what the car business is all about, they fixed it anyway, giving it a midterm update that is neither a major makeover nor a simple refresh. 

Yes, it has the kinds of small changes that most updates do. These changes are the business equivalent of nips and tucks, which are meant to keep you looking young. 

Examples: The decklid of the Type-S model has grown a rear wing, the front fascia has been sharpened, the headlights are new

, the visible parts of the front and rear underbody are wider, the side sills are new, and the static ride height has been lowered by 0.3 inch.

 All of these changes make the car look lower, wider, and more aggressive.

The Acura RSX Type-S also has new tyres: 215/45R-17 Michelin HX MXM4s on 7.0-by-17-inch aluminium wheels instead of 205/55R-16s on 6.5-by-16-inch alloys.

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