Aston Martin Vulcan Review , specifiactions, and price

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Aston Martin Vulcan Specs No matter what its name is, the Vulcan is going to be the most extreme Aston Martin that can't be driven on the road.

 It will be a limited-edition, track-only hypercar that is clearly aimed at the same market as the Ferrari FXX K and the McLaren P1 GTR. 

A version of the company's well-known V-12 engine that was made with help from Aston Martin Racing gives the car its power. 

It has a capacity of 7.0 litres and makes "more than" 800 horsepower. For comparison, the Aston One-77, which was never called slow, got 750 horsepower from its 7.3-liter engine.

Brembo racing callipers grip carbon-ceramic discs (15.0 inches in diameter at the front and 14.2 inches at the back) at all four corners of the car, which sits on Michelin racing tyres.

Aston Martin Vulcan Price Marek Reichman, who was in charge of design at Aston Martin at the time, came up with the Vulcan.

He was inspired by the Vantage, the DB9, and the One-77, which were all popular models at the time. Each of the 24 cars that were made cost US$2.3 million.

The V-12 engine has 690 horsepower, and Aston says it can go from 0 to 60 mph in 3.4 seconds.

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