Audi SQ2 Review , specifications, and price

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Audi SQ2 Specs Cities and towns in the Old World were built before the car was invented, so parking spots and roads are usually pretty small.

So, people who drive like cars that fit in this world. But smaller doesn't have to mean less in any way besides size. 

This is why Audi makes the Q2 crossover, a car that is a full size smaller than the Q3 that is sold around the world.

The Q2 is now four years old, and its design comes from a time when Audis had sharp lines and creases. The Q2 has a new grille to bring its look up to date 

and make it look like the other Q models. Besides that, nothing else was different. But for a small crossover, the Q2 looks pretty good. 

Too many small crossovers look like potatoes. To make their cars more unique, buyers can have the big C-pillars painted a different colour or decorated with stickers. 

The C-pillars of the car we were driving had a carbon-fiber pattern, which makes them look like an extension of the side windows from a distance.

Inside the Q2, Audi would use higher-quality materials, especially since this car competes with several similar models from other VW brands. 

Audi needs to set itself apart from its siblings in terms of the quality of its interior.

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