Thanksgiving begins the holiday season. Bebe Rexha's halftime show spawned the first holiday meme.

Rexha was booed at the Detroit Lions-Buffalo Bills NFL halftime performance, which the Bills won. The reason why seemed a riddle to those only following the drama from the internet, 

but turns out her platform she was playing wasn’t even visible for anyone in the stadium.

It's a good sign when your audience can't see you—why that's they attend to concerts. not seeing stage performers.

Her slow discovery and performance, which inspired memes, have been great. Spinning the camera around during people’s Thanksgiving meals definitely isn’t the finest idea, so get your puke bags ready. 

Her performance has been criticised for causing dizziness, which is hard to refute.

In filmmaking, turning the camera signifies a new scene or major plot change. Essentially challenging everything you knew. 

Rexha's performance fits since all you learned about holding food in is gone.

We're awaiting Rexha's lawsuit for the performance's massive esophageal injury. 

Rexha's vomit-inducing performance sparked a trend five weeks before the holiday season begins, so we applaud her efforts.