Cooper Kupp, a player for the Los Angeles Rams, criticised Balenciaga on Saturday after themes of child abuse were seen in photo shoots for the high-end fashion brand.

Kupp, who was the Super Bowl LVI Most Valuable Player when the Rams beat the Cincinnati Bengals, was one of the people who spoke out about Balenciaga's ads.

To try to be a voice for our children, who depend on the protection of the men and women who were given the job of caring for and raising them,

he wrote, "Please make sure you know about the attack on our children by @balenciaga and make sure they are held accountable for it."

"Please stand up if you are in a position to change the way companies trick people and advertise bad things."

In an ad for the Balenciaga x Adidas bag, the item was shown on top of a desk that was full of papers.

One page, which is mostly covered by the bag, has the text of the Supreme Court case United States v. Williams, which is about the distribution of child pornography.

The company had to say sorry Tuesday because of the document, and they said they would take legal action against the people who put the text in the image.

Balenciaga also apologised for a different ad campaign that was running at the same time,

which showed pictures of child models holding teddy bears dressed in bondage gear.