How Is Ethereum Blockchain Different From Bitcoin’s Blockchain

Usman Sheikh

Ethereum is a decentralized platform for building decentralized applications (dapps) while Bitcoin is primarily a cryptocurrency.

Ethereum has its own programming language called Solidity while Bitcoin doesn't have a specific language.

Ethereum blockchain allows for the creation of smart contracts, which are self-executing agreements between parties, while Bitcoin does not have this feature.

Ethereum has a faster block time, allowing for faster transactions than Bitcoin's 10-minute block time.

Ethereum has a higher maximum supply than Bitcoin's 21 million.

Ethereum has the ability to process more transactions per second compared to Bitcoin.

Ethereum uses a proof of stake consensus mechanism while Bitcoin uses a proof of work mechanism.

Ethereum is more flexible than Bitcoin in terms of its capabilities for different types of applications.

Ethereum allows for the creation of custom tokens while Bitcoin only allows for the creation of Bitcoin.

Ethereum's blockchain is more transparent and open than Bitcoin's.

Ethereum's blockchain is more accessible to developers, as it is easier to develop on its platform.