How To Sell Bitcoin In India

Usman Sheikh

First, sign up for a reliable and secure Bitcoin wallet, such as ZebPay, Coinsecure or Unocoin, in India.

Verify your identity by providing the necessary documents and completing the verification process.

Add your bank account information to the wallet to enable fund transfer.

Check the current market price of Bitcoin on the wallet platform or any other reliable source.

Decide on the amount of Bitcoin you want to sell and place a sell order at the desired price.

Wait for a buyer to accept your offer, this may take some time.

Once the buyer has accepted the offer, the funds will be transferred to your wallet.

Confirm that the funds have been received and are reflected in your wallet balance.

Select the “Withdraw” option from the wallet and enter the amount you want to withdraw.

Choose the bank account linked to your wallet to which you want to transfer the funds.

Review the details of the withdrawal and confirm the transaction.