How To Use A Bitcoin ATM

Usman Sheikh

Locate a Bitcoin ATM: Use a search engine or an app to locate the nearest Bitcoin ATM.

Read the instructions: Before using the ATM, make sure to read the instructions carefully. Some ATMs have different operating procedures.

Scan your QR code: Once you are ready to use the ATM, scan your QR code to access your wallet.

Choose the amount: The next step is to choose the amount of Bitcoin you wish to purchase.

Insert cash: Insert the cash you wish to use to purchase the Bitcoin. The ATM will convert the cash to the equivalent amount in Bitcoin.

Confirm the transaction: Review the transaction details and confirm the purchase.

Wait for the confirmation: The ATM will take a few minutes to confirm the transaction. You will receive a receipt with the transaction details.

Check your wallet: Verify that the Bitcoin has been added to your wallet by checking it on your mobile app or website.

Keep the receipt: Keep the receipt as proof of the transaction.

Do not share your private key: Do not share your private key or any other personal information with anyone, including the ATM operator.

Know the fees: Make sure to know the fees associated with using a Bitcoin ATM, as they can be higher than other methods of buying Bitcoin.