iPhone 11 Review , specifications, and price

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Is it still worth it to buy iPhone 11? The iPhone 11 has a lot of features that will still make it a useful phone in 2022. Face ID, Qi wireless charging,

an IP68 rating for dust and water resistance, and a 17-hour battery life make it a great device for people who are always on the go.

How much is the iPhone 11 right now 2022? As of November 2022, the iPhone 11 starts at $231 and costs an average of $348. Prices for the iPhone 11 will keep going down over time.

Apple phones keep their value well, but as time goes on and new models come out, prices will keep going down.

How long does iPhone 11 battery last? The iPhone 11 has an extra hour of battery life compared to the iPhone XR.

You can watch videos for up to 17 hours, stream videos for up to 10 hours, and listen to music for up to 65 hours.

Is iPhone 11 is 5G? Does iPhone 11 support 5G? Unfortunately, like all other iPhone models before it, the iPhone 11 line-ups are not 5G compatible.

Are iPhone 11 is waterproof? The iPhone 11 is a very powerful device, but even though there are safeguards in place to make it last longer,

it is not meant to be used in places with a lot of moisture. In short, there is currently no "waterproof iPhone."

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