iPhone 14 Pro Review , specifications,  and price

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How much will the iPhone 14 Pro cost? iPhone 14 Pro with 128GB of storage is available for $999. With this model, you may choose from various storage settings up to 1TB, which costs $1,499.

Is the iPhone 14 Pro waterproof? IEC standard 60529 gives the IP68 designation for splash, water, and dust resistance to the iPhone 14 Pro

and iPhone 14 Pro Max after they underwent supervised laboratory testing (maximum depth of 6 metres for up to 30 minutes). Dust, water, and splash resistance are not constant characteristics.

Which is better iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro? Over the iPhone 13 Pro, the iPhone 14 Pro features a number of advancements, the majority of which are visible in the display and camera.

A 48-megapixel camera and an always-on screen are features of the iPhone 14 Pro. Additionally, Apple has eliminated the notch in favour of the new Dynamic Island on the 2022 Pro.

How long does iPhone 14 Pro battery last? 16 hours, 18 minutes. 14 hours and 19 minutes for a Pixel 7 Pro. 13 hours and 56 minutes with the Pixel 7. 13 hours, 17 minutes for a Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Is iPhone 14 Pro camera good? In our tests, the iPhone 14 Pro captured images with noticeably — and we mean noticeably — more sharpness, dynamic range, and detail.

The prior cameras were just unable to provide extremely high-quality photos or video in difficult situations with mixed light or backlighting.

Is iPhone 14 Pro battery good? The "always-on display" function was disabled during the testing of the iPhone 14 Pro in order to create a fair comparison between all versions.

 Despite having a modest 3200 mAh battery, the autonomy was slightly above average, indicating that the gadget is well-optimized.

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