Marvel Entertainment released a new gameplay trailer for its action-adventure game Marvel's Avengers. 

This trailer showed more of the Winter Soldier's special moves and abilities. 

The video shows over four minutes of action-packed Marvel's Avengers gameplay in which the Winter Soldier uses his fighting skills to defeat different enemies.

James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes, also known as the Winter Soldier, is the twelfth hero to join Marvel's Avengers. During World War II, Bucky was Captain America's best friend. 

However, the villains of Hydra captured and brainwashed him, turning him into the Winter Soldier, a master assassin with cybernetic upgrades. 

Captain America saved his old sidekick, who can now be played with in Marvel's Avengers.

The combat trailer for the Winter Soldier was posted on YouTube by Marvel Entertainment. It shows how Captain America's friend deals with his enemies in Marvel's Avengers.

Bucky uses assault rifles to beat his opponents from far away, and he uses a mix of martial arts to beat them up close. The Winter Soldier has special moves and skills

, like the defensive boost Steel-Forged Tenacity or the Intrinsic Overcharge Red Star Rising, which makes a big explosion that pushes enemies back and hurts them.

The Winter Soldier's style of fighting looks like a mix of Captain America and Black Widow.