Google Pixel 6A Review: for the Love of Android

Circling back to one great item is sufficiently hard. Yet, Google has placed itself in a spot with the Google Pixel 6a as the fourth item in a line of consecutive extraordinary telephones. While Google needed to minimize a couple of elements from the Pixel 6 and, surprisingly, last year’s phenomenal Pixel 5a to raise a ruckus around town, $450 is worth it (in each sense) to get Google’s best telephone spruced up in a more humble bundle.

If you’re not super wealthy and can manage an inescapable programming disaster, this is the Android telephone to get.

Google Pixel 6A Review

The Pixel 6a isn’t just the best smartphone you can get for $450, it’s probably the best value you can get in an Android phone, with a great camera, good performance, and fantastic software features. Just keep in mind, Google has a history of buggy updates and you may not get as good a signal compared to some other phones.

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Specifications of Google Pixel 6A

  • CPU: Google Tensor
  • Display: 6.1” 2400×1080 (20:9) 60Hz OLED
  • RAM: 6GB
  • Storage: 128GB
  • Battery: 4,400mAh
  • Ports: 1x USB Type-C
  • Operating System: Android, five years of security updates
  • Front camera: 8MP f/2.0 IMX355 84°FOV
  • Rear cameras: 12MP f/1.73 IMX 363 w/OIS 77° FoV; Ultra-wide: 12MP f/2.2 IMX386 114° FoV
  • Connectivity: 5G, Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.2, NFC
  • Others: eSIM, M3/T4 Hearing Aid Compatibility
  • Dimensions: 152.2 x 71.8 x 8.9mm, 178g
  • Colors: Sage (green), Chalk (white), Charcoal (black)
  • Charging: 18W USB PD
  • IP Rating: IP67
  • Price: Starting at $450


  • Pixel software
  • Almost all the features of the more expensive Pixel 6
  • Great price
  • Good (but not incredible) battery life
  • Fast
  • Great camera, even with the older sensor
  • Excellent haptics
  • Smaller than last year’s (too-big) Pixel 5a
  • Five years of security updates
  • Great build quality — yes, the back is technically plastic, but it’s really nice plastic


  • Pixel software (it’s a drawback, too)
  • Worse signal than other phones
  • No wireless charging
  • The headphone jack finally goes dodo
  • FP sensor still not quite as good as competitors

Availability & network

Last year’s Pixel 5a was accessible in the US and Japan, yet Google has extended where you can get the Pixel 6a. Notwithstanding the US, the Google Pixel 6a will be accessible in Canada, Germany, the UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Australia, Singapore, and Taiwan beginning in July. It’s likewise coming to India in the not-so-distant future.

In the US, the Pixel 6a is accessible from every one of the huge transporters and a large number of the more modest ones, including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Comcast. The telephone can be bought straightforwardly from Google, Best Buy, and Target.

Google informs us it will be 5G on all US transporters and will uphold mmWave on Verizon through an explicit transporter SKU. The standard sub-6GHz telephone costs $450, while the mmWave-viable adaptation sold by Verizon will cost $500.

Design of Google Pixel 6A

In a good way, the Pixel 6a is effectively mistaken for the Pixel 6 and has embraced its plan language through the camera visor/strip and two-tone back. Initially, I thought the back was glass. However, Google affirms to me that it’s plastic, yet exceptional plastic, as my underlying endeavours to scratch it with a blade were fruitless.

The camera strip is unique, with a Pixel 7-style oval pattern encompassing the two focal points. However, it feels like a more modest Pixel 6 — and, honestly, that is the four-word rundown for this telephone.

While we aren’t returning to Pixel 4a modesty, the Google Pixel 6a is discernibly more modest than last year’s Pixel 5a and somewhat more modest than the Pixel 6. It won’t scratch that little telephone tingle that a few people have, yet I believe it’s an optimal size. I’m glad to see Google taking analysis regarding the size of its telephone’s heart.

Joining the two-tone plastic boards on the back is a finished aluminium outline that folds over the camera visor. It’s dirty and feels solid, balancing the lustrous back that can be somewhat tricky without a case.

Not an advantage gets referenced regularly; however, the camera visor likewise implies the telephone sits level when on its back, and you can tap around the screen without it see-cutting around — shockingly convenient on occasion.

Unfortunately, the fun finished power button on the Pixel 5a is a relic of past times. I tracked down it convenient for distinguishing the button by contact around evening time, and I think it was a possibly supportive openness highlight, yet it was fleeting.

Similarly, as with all Pixels, the power button is on the right side simply over the volume rocker, allowing you to get to every one of the three buttons with your thumb (or pointer, on the off chance that you’re left-given).

The SIM plate lives on the left side, set in the telephone’s casing. Mouthpieces live in an opening on the top edge and one of the grilles on the base — the other is a speaker.

Google has affirmed that the Pixel 6a has an IP67 rating, the same as a year ago. While a reference initially on the Pixel 6a spec page suggested it was IP7X evaluated, that is evidently in blunder.

Display of Google Pixel 6A

The Google Pixel 6a doesn’t have a conspicuous high-revive rate screen, simply a standard 60Hz OLED. Once more, it’s somewhat more modest (and a touch keener) than the Pixel 5a’s showcase was; however, it’s anything but an, in all cases, overhaul.

I’m known for being especially fussy about show quality, and the Pixel 6a’s screen is a stage back for me to the 2017 period when the OLED lottery was going full speed ahead. My survey unit has a really impressive slope noticeable in dull dark tones at low splendour.

What’s more, since Google’s Material You despises genuine dark foundations for dull dim, that implies this imperfection is gazing back at me in a perceptible and diverting manner fundamentally consistently.

The OLED lottery is something that all telephones utilizing the innovation are liable to in changing degrees. However, this is a greater relapse in consistency than I’ve seen in quite a while. Off-point seeing shows a rainbow of bending and internal reflections quicker and more noticeably than the Pixel 5a.

I’m certain that consistency issues will fluctuate from one unit to another. I’m meticulous about something like this; you presumably won’t see it. However, it shifts focus to me like Google might have somewhat minimized the objective nature of the showcase between ages.

Software of Google Pixel 6A

Some of the time, I wind up addressing whether Google considers the Pixel to be a stage or an item. There’s an inconspicuous differentiation between the two ideas (and it’s too point by point even to consider getting into here). However, the effect is clear regarding programming.

Pixels are the Android testbed, and Googlers in the Android group have said much. This situation with two sides conveys a gentle hindrance and a major advantage, the two of which can be summed up together: You get first.

This implies each Pixel proprietor is unarguably a smidgen of a beta analyzer, as the Android Police remarks segment is brief to remind us at whatever point an issue manifests.

Last year when the Pixel 6 series arrived with Google’s most memorable in-house chipset, that reality came to bear as essential elements (like having the option to try and utilize Wi-Fi or make phone calls) arbitrarily breaking with resulting refreshes. Beginning surveys were positive. However, many issues raised their head after additional clients had the option to test it in a more extensive assortment of conditions.

This implies that purchasing a Pixel is, unbiasedly talking, a hazardous suggestion. Google has been known to break elements and usefulness you depend on with refreshes, frequently with no plan of action or arrangement except to stand by (or supplant your telephone).

If your telephone is a crucial gadget, I think dispassionately talking, the Pixel’s standing makes it an unfortunate decision — or, at any rate, a bet. Yet, on the off chance that you can manage stupid issues springing up sometimes, the remainder of the Pixel programming experience compensates for it.

Performance and battery life

Like the Pixel 5a, Google again gave the Google Pixel 6a the equivalent chipset that the more top-notch Pixels get. This time that implies it’s utilizing a similar Tensor chipset as the $900 Pixel 6 Pro has, and it’s more than quick enough for pretty much any responsibility. It goes around twice as quickly as the Pixel 5a in engineered benchmarks, yet it feels probably as smart as most $700+ telephones in more recounted use.

Since Google has no imbecilic foundation application advancements, as some cell phone organizations do, you don’t need to stress over things like rashly killed applications or postponed notices. Applications further back in your performing various tasks rundown could get pushed out of memory in certain conditions.

Episodically, I have interfered a couple of times while perusing a more extended story in a news application. When I returned to the application an hour later to get it done, my story would reload from the top.

However, you shouldn’t need to stress over applications that should be running being pushed out of memory, similar to music applications during playback, wearable or wellness following applications, and so on.

Like the earlier Tensor-controlled Pixels, the Pixel 6a can run a little hot under load. Involving the telephone in a sweltering vehicle or under the direct summer sun, you can sort out by contact before long precisely where the chipset lives inside the telephone.

I ran into no issues with it tossing a blunder since it got excessively hot, yet that wouldn’t shock me at all, assuming that involving the camera for extremely lengthy in full daylight on a warm day is risky. Games can pressure it excessively.

On that note, titles like Fortnite were playable at their default settings, with a periodic (if still somewhat disappointing) falter. I additionally need to call attention to that programmed splendor is ensured to perform exceptionally when your finger essentially hinders the under-screen sensor — make certain to cripple it.

Pixels on Android 12 have a Game Dashboard, yet it’s both unsavory to access, and I could not inspire it to set off on my Pixel 6a. Google says the Pixel 6a will not get the element until its Android 13 update, which is peculiar. Games likewise tank the battery duration, so don’t anticipate a lot of life span on the off chance you play a great deal.

Should you buy it?

Indeed. Suppose you can acknowledge the Pixel’s standing for programming issues (some of which can be extreme!), and you don’t reside in a space where you need to manage poor cell inclusion. In that case, the Pixel 6a is the best value-for-your-money telephone you can currently get.

Given the consideration of the Tensor chipset, I’m amazed Google didn’t need to raise costs this year. However, we’re getting the 6a at the equivalent $450 value that the Pixel 5a sent off at. Google made this telephone somewhat more modest and simpler to haul.

However, that likewise implies a more modest battery. Matched with what has all the earmarks of being more eager for a powerful chipset, you don’t get the honest mind-blowing battery duration the Pixel 5a offered; it’s simply “great.” The camera is likewise about equivalent to the Pixel 5a’s, so you don’t profit from the enormous redesigned essential sensor utilized on the Pixel 6, yet entirely it’s still perfect.

~$500 is something of a cell phone a dead zone — transporter sponsorships make to a greater degree an imprint the more costly a telephone is, and those purchasing a telephone by and large generally spend less. That sets the Pixel 6a facing things like more established leaders that are as yet being sold at a rebate.

Contrasted with the Galaxy S21, you get a superior (if more situationally restricted) camera, better execution, and longer updates. Contrasted with the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G, which has a $450 MSRP, the Pixel 6a conveys a superior camera, better execution, and ostensibly better programming highlights.

On the off chance that in some way you’re truly considering purchasing a Motorola telephone in this extended period of our blog 2022, the correspondingly limited 2021 Moto Edge is… a telephone you could purchase.

The main correlation may be against Google’s Pixel 6. If you can manage with somewhat less RAM, a camera downsize, and a somewhat less smooth presentation, the Pixel 6a is fundamentally a similar telephone in a more humble bundle.

The telephone I’d prescribe to the vast majority first. Then there’s the new iPhone SE, and I don’t believe it’s a contest. Indeed, the iPhone is quicker. However, that is its main advantage — the Pixel 6a wipes the floor with it.

Steve Jobs said, “If you don’t tear up yourself, another person will,” Google has taken that to a limit with its a-series telephones. As great of a telephone as the Pixel 6 was, the Pixel 6a seemingly conveys an indistinguishable encounter for even less. Including relapse is the situation for the mid-reach, and highlights here have been minimized.

In any case, I’d contend Google gone with the perfect decision. There’s little distinction between the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6a external, with a somewhat better camera and a marginally smoother screen. Most individuals purchasing a Pixel ought to get the Pixel 6a.

I hold last judgment for some other time, be that as it may, in the same way as other a-series Pixels before it, the Pixel 6a appears like an obvious choice for our Editors Choice cell phone of the year. In any case, at any rate, it’s effectively procured our Most Wanted honor.

FAQ of Google Pixel 6A

How does the Google Pixel 6a compare to the Samsung Galaxy A53?

Evaluating before limits for the two telephones is something very similar. However, you can hope to see more limits and transporter advancements on the Samsung side than Google’s. The Pixel 6a has a superior yet less adaptable camera setup and better execution.

The Galaxy A53 has better battery duration, a smoother 120Hz presentation, better sign strength, and will probably have fewer bugs and issues with programming refreshes. I think the 6a is the better purchase since I like Google’s products and the Pixel camera. However, it’s anything but a simple triumph, and your needs could swing things the other heading.

How does the Google Pixel 6a compare to the Google Pixel 6?

The two phones share a design language and a lot of DNA — as well as their Tensor chipset. The Pixel 6 has a bigger and smoother display, a little more RAM, and a larger primary camera sensor, which can mean better low-light performance and better “zoom” through a sensor crop. For $150 less, you arguably don’t give up that much, and it’s a trade I’d take.

How does the Google Pixel 6a compare to the 2022 iPhone SE 5G?

We’re an Android-centered site, so think about the source. However, I think as far as specs, the 2022 iPhone SE doesn’t contend with the Pixel 6a. Apple’s a15 Bionic chip is unarguably going to be a lot quicker, and battery duration on the SE is somewhat better; however, the base $430 model has less capacity, less RAM, a more regrettable and less adaptable camera, a more regrettable showcase, exclusive charging, and a dated plan that is now off-kilter to use in some applications. You are getting a ton less for your cash on the off chance that you go for the iPhone — it depends on you on the off chance that being a blue air pocket merits utilizing a more regrettable telephone.

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